Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Fighter pilot AVC
checked his watch at half past three.
Shook his watch back into place
and prepared to rendezvous with grace.

On his list
with items plenty
he checked them all
from one through twenty.

Toothpick, razor, fork and knife
there must be polish in the afterlife
Photographs of the folks back home,
For when things got hairy, he took a comb.

Then suddenly in his rearview mirror
the enemy came flying nearer.
Without warning and no goodbyes
the fighter pilot took to the skies.

They rose and rolled to the sun and back
Death the enemy in full attack.

on the ground we watched and waited
The aeroplane was outdated
but flying the bird, was resolve so strong
that nothing we thought could go wrong.

The enemy caught up much to our dismay
the fighter was stuck try as he may.
he turned and he twisted all in vain
then settled down to face the pain.

AVC looked death in the face
asked the enemy if a better place
awited him at the other side
which is when the enemy replied.

"Its kind of cold, its kind of hot
its kind of nice but then its not.
but eating - wise you can have a ball
for in heaven theres no cholesterol."

"That is the way that I must go"
the weary pilot thought
"but fighting chances probably
are better fought than not."

He mustered that last drop of charm
for that one last touch down
and coaxed the jaws of death to close
as they moved towards the ground

They breathed a sigh upon the ground
two see the two return.
but they had signed a pact up in the air
much later did we learn.

The fighter took his helmet off
and combed his precious hair.
Put forth his bravest front as yet
for all that gathered there.

He said hed been to hell and back
and was glad to be back home

to be contd..........


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